U.K. band Dry Cleaning make their Minnesota debut at Fine Line

01.14.23 – Photos by Max Trelstad —— Review by James Schaak

Dry Cleaning adds layers to their deadpan delivery at Fine Line

Dry Cleaning, the South London alt-rock quartet known for their spoken word lyrics, proved that their live performances may even surpass their recorded material on Saturday night at Fine Line.

Dry Cleaning’s 2021 studio debut, “New Long Leg” won big with critics and earned the band an international following. Now, in an effort to promote their 2022 sophomore album, “Stumpwork,” the band embarked on a world tour in late November. 

Florence Shaw, the band’s lead vocalist and front-woman, especially drew attention. Shaw delivers her meandering and often funny observations of contemporary social situations like a sarcastic spoken word poet. 

Between songs, Shaw showed a surprisingly genuine personality. Saturday night marked Dry Cleaning’s live debut in Minnesota and at one point Shaw commented on the Twin Cities’ massive snow piles.

“If we get snow in the U.K. then everything shuts down. Seems like you guys got things organized here,” Shaw said.

Amid songs, however, Shaw’s physical expressions add a layer to her musical monologues. Looks of disgust, a hunched back and her waist-length hair all contribute to her bizarro takes on the world around her.


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