REVIEW – New EP “Phases” by Willows

By McKenna Klaphake

Welcome to our new series where we discuss new song, EP, and album releases! Today we are covering local Minneapolis band, Willows, and their new EP, “Phases” which was released on January 31, 2023.

“Phases” is the six piece ensemble’s second EP and is an incredible five track record with hypnotic harmonies and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Listeners will notice the americana influences, similar to that of The Civil Wars, on this indie folk EP. Willows’ songs feel like they could easily be in a soundtrack to a movie. With their fantasy-like instrumentals and storytelling skills, listeners are whisked away into the world of “Phases.” Supported with soulful vocals and the perfect blend of many different instruments, it’s clear that the band took time artfully crafting each song on this EP.  

Give Willows a listen!

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