Early Eyes come home to 7th St. Entry w/ FruitPunchLoverBoy and Trash Date

03.04.23 – Photos by Ani Carlson / Review by McKenna Klaphake

Saturday was a big night for local music with over eighteen shows happening around Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I attended Early Eyes’ homecoming show with openers Trash Date and FruitPunchLoverBoy at 7th Street Entry. 

Trash Date started the show off with a soft indie pop sound that attracts fans of Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers. While they don’t have any of their music released right now, they announced their plan for two future albums, with the first being tentatively scheduled for a summer release. 

Their lyrics touch on the heartbreaking reality of being alive. One that particularly stuck out to me was the lyric “I tried to save the world but it only made me sick.”

Lead singer and bassist, Meg played in all three bands that performed Saturday night. Their talent spans many genres and areas of musical expertise. Guitarist, Kate, supported Meg’s soulful alto voice with enchanting harmonies. Kate also wowed the audience with their sick guitar riffs and the ability to make a variety of sounds come out of one instrument. Be sure to follow the band on Instagram @trashtrashtrashdate to know when they release their music! 

To put it up simply, FruitPunchLoverBoy blew me away. I wasn’t the only one that fell in love with this beautifully unique band. After they played their first song the audience burst out in whispers of awe and excitement. 

I rarely hear a sound quite like this. The best way to describe FruitPunchLoverBoy’s music is if R&B and indie pop had a baby. But you really can’t put a label on this band and because of that they allow themselves to play around with a variety of sounds. In addition to the four songs that they have on Spotify, the band performed their new song “Fancy Coat” which was announced to be released on April 7th.

Each member of this band stood out in their own way. They were all a piece of the puzzle that resulted in the masterpiece that is FruitPunchLoverBoy. With an electric guitar, bass, drum set, and keyboard each instrument added a special part of this amazing set. From the funkadelic keyboard and guitar riffs, to the melodic rap verses, I was on the edge of my metaphorical seat between each song waiting to hear what they would play next. This is what is magical about going to local shows; it’s so easy to find a new favorite band or artist. FruitPunchLoverBoy definitely gained a few new fans that night. 

Early Eyes curated arguably the most engaging set that I have ever seen. Everything about this set was excellent. Early Eyes’ recorded material is amazing but nothing compares to seeing them live.

The colorful lights danced along with us and flashed to the beats. The stylish band members conversed with the audience and expressed their appreciation to be home after touring the country. There were smiles all around as the upbeat and welcoming energy permeated the room. The crowd burst with energy and when it wasn’t enough the band demanded more.

The show celebrated the one year anniversary of their “Look Alive” album release. Early Eyes played a mixture of older songs and newer ones including fan favorites, “Marigolds” and “Halloween ‘18.”

The band challenges societal norms and structures in a variety of ways. Whether it’s in their new song that they debuted called “Coin Laundry” which is about hating your landlord, or the carefree nature that they all had onstage, the band shows that they don’t care what people think and their fans go crazy for it. 

Early Eyes is peak local music. In addition to curating a set of danceable and relatable songs, the band knows how to create a highly entertaining show. They understand that the audience has an active and important role which puts them above all the rest. I highly recommend attending the next local show that you can cause who knows, you might find your new favorite band! 

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