REVIEW – New Song “Never Enough” by Lydia Luce

By Cassidy Byrnes

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Lydia Luce gives us another new dreamy single following her 2022 EP “Garden Songs.”

“Never Enough” transports the listener to Luce’s dreamscape where she seems to be contemplating how much she gives and how much she takes for granted. The entire track consistently asks “Why is it never enough?” in between vivid descriptions of instances where things have fallen apart because of the constant questioning. This single exudes the realization of self-sabotage and considering the option of change, through lines like, “It’s always just out of my grasp/Forever floating on a lake made of glass,” and “If I can get out of my own way.”

Those lyrics are lifted up by groovy drums and whimsical strings that give that laid back feeling of just letting life’s waves ebb and flow without forcing anything. Like Luce says, “Sit tight, steady now/We’re all in it for the ride.” 

Be sure to catch Lydia Luce supporting Ron Pope at Parkway Theatre on May 19, 2023.

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