JP Saxe surprises fans with free and acoustic show at Green Room

05.17.23 – Photos and review by Jessica Fredette

On Wednesday, May 17th singer/songwriter JP Saxe was on a press tour in Minneapolis and decided to play a free and acoustic show for his fans at Green Room. JP’s last time performing here was at Basilica Block Party in the early fall of 2021, despite having a few shows scheduled, postponed, and then eventually cancelled for various reasons since then. He said that this free show was originally planned to be quite short and quick but changed it up at the last minute due to not wanting to disappoint his Minnesota fans any more than he felt that he already had over the last two years. JP performed for approximately 35-40 minutes, while taking direct requests from the crowd, and then even stuck around to meet and take photos with every single person in attendance afterward. Before I had to leave to catch my ride I got to say Hi to him and I was very surprised when he asked if we had met before, and without prompt he remembered that we had indeed met at Basilica the last time that he was here, exclaiming “I thought I recognized you, it’s so nice to see you again!” That was a very sweet moment.

You can listen to JP’s new single “I Don’t Miss You” anywhere that you get your music.

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