REVIEW – New Album “All Is Well” by Full Catholic

By McKenna Klaphake

Local Minneapolis band, Full Catholic, recently released their second full length album titled “all is well.” The group consists of musicians, Dani Michaele, Lane Miller, John Caldwell, and Des Lawrence. The self described 4-piece acoustic/electric folky psychedelic group has curated a set of tracks that are exactly that. The band’s ability to successfully bend musical genres is evident across all of their pieces. 

Each track on this record is wholly unique. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect next when sitting down to listen to the full album. Full Catholic keeps their listeners on their toes, from groovy beats that feel like they came straight out of Woodstock in the song “burning bridges”, to the more grungy tunes heard in “island nation.” This method of music making allows the group to try new things and cover a broad spectrum of musical genres. 

Having recently become acquainted with Full Catholic’s discography, I was thoroughly intrigued while listening to their new release. The folk inspired and slightly seductive vocals are combined beautifully with catchy choruses. The guitar riffs support each track and range from simple to much more complex. Each time they expertly support the story that each song tells. 

My personal favorite is the track titled, “take care now” because of its uniqueness and jazzy beats. It again shows the wide variety of music that Full Catholic is capable of creating 

According to the band, “This record was our attempt to define what can often feel like a constant trudge toward clarity and groundedness despite existing in a system that blankets us in unimaginative paradigms.” I think many listeners can relate to this sentiment and will find solace in their tracks. 

I highly recommend giving Full Catholic a listen because I truly think that they have created something for every kind of music lover.

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