Credit Etiquette

We at Minneapolis Lens love that you love our photos! We would very much love and appreciate if you would show your appreciation by following these basic guidelines when using/posting our photos.

  • Please reach out directly to the photographer who covered your show to receive your photos. You can find their name at the top of your shows post and then find a direct link to their Instagram under ‘Our Team’ in our main menu. We would rather you have the high quality photos instead of low quality screenshots. You are misrepresenting our talent and hard work by posting low quality versions of our photos for the public to see. We would not do that to you with your music, so please do not do that to us with our photos. Some photographers may ask for a small donation for their time and hard work. Each photographer is different in this regard.
  • Please always give proper credit to our photographers and our publication, by tagging both, any/every time you post our photos to Instagram or anywhere else. And please always provide the proper credit information to anyone you may give the photo(s) to for promotional purposes.
  • Please never edit or crop our photos. By doing so you are ruining the photographers creative vision for their art.
  • Each Minneapolis Lens photographer owns the rights to their own photos. By stealing and posting our photos without our permission and/or without giving proper credit you are violating our copyright rights. The photos being of you does not mean that the photos belong to you.
  • Minneapolis Lens reserves the right to report any post that uses our photos without permission and/or proper credit to Instagram for removal.
  • If we at Minneapolis Lens see or feel that our team and/or work has been disrespected we reserve the right to decide whether we work with you again or not.